Mission Statement :

“To remain the leading and most accessible high quality beer, delivering superior enjoyment and brightening all social occassions; using music as a platform for the demonstration of Fun, Friendship and celebration of Life.”

About STAR :

1940s to 1950s – STAR was introduced into the Nigerian market on June 2, 1949. Creating the first indigenously brewed beer in a market that was dominated exclusively by imported brands. Shortly after its entry into the market, STAR overcame the challenges associated with a new brand in a market already used to imported beer and started on a path of tremendous growth.

1960s to 1990s – STAR attained market leadership in 1960, with sales of about 2,191,376 crates in 1962 and by 1975, the figure had risen to 11,266,000 crates. STAR is largely responsible for the growth of the Nigerian indigenous beer industry as the success story of this icon – STAR, has influenced the introduction of other successful brands – Gulder, Maltina, Heineken, Legend Extra Stout, to name a few.

2000s – As at 2003, the sales figures were already in the region of 40 million crates for that year alone. In 2007, sales for the brand rose tremendously to over 49 million crates, which has made STAR one of West Africa’s leading beer brands, selling more than 3 million hectoliters annually in Nigeria alone.

In 2007, STAR took another innovative stride by introducing packaging in cans, which made it the first Nigerian beer to be canned. With this, STAR cans successfully generated additional sales volume by tapping into previously unexplored consumption occasions – over 1.5 million trays were sold in the first year alone. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the STAR can has become yet another proof of the “Brightness,” which can only be delivered by STAR to its teeming consumers.

In 2009, STAR celebrated 60 years of “Sharing Brightness” in the Nigerian market. To mark a glorious celebration for an iconic brand that has entrenched itself as a market leader and into the hearts of millions of Nigerian consumers, STAR was given a new and modern identity and packaging that reflects the unique character of the brand to ensure its relevance and superiority in the coming years.

To commemorate the occasion, Star decided to “paint Nigeria blue” with the BLUE FEST. All over the country people were encouraged to express their blue, the official colour of Star. People were encouraged to upload pictures of themselves creatively expressing their Blueness, with the winners getting 32” plasma tv’s.

Achievements :

As the first beer ever brewed in Nigeria and subsequently growing to become Nigeria’s No. 1 beer brand, STAR has contributed most to the developing the beer market in Nigeria than any other brand.

STAR was there when Nigeria celebrated its independence in 1960.

STAR was there when Nigeria hosted and won the African Cup of Nations in 1980.

STAR was there when Nigeria won its first Olympic gold medal in football in 1996.

STAR was there for us to celebrate the first African-American President in 2009.

STAR has been present throughout the history of Nigeria and Star will still be with us in the years to come.

After 60 years of “Sharing Brightness”, STAR remains a major force in the market and displays strong potential to increase its dominance in the market even further. It is “Perfectly Brewed for that Superior taste” and “Cold filtered for Optimal Refreshment.”

The STAR success story is as a result of certain contributory factors;
* Consistent high quality – STAR is only released from the brewery after 213 quality checks
* Vibrant marketing support – Consistently rejuvenating the brand in all consumer touch points i.e. packaging, communication, promotions and advertising to ensure its relevance and authority.
* Good consumer and market insight
* Effective distribution network

STAR Advertising :

Advertising of the brand has consistently projected the superior quality of STAR over the years. From the very first campaign slogan of “Ah! Star – Beer at its best” introduced in 1949 to the “Brightness” campaign in the 1970s and 80s, the “Turn to Star – the ideal Brew” campaign launched in 1989 to the “Live the Brighter Life In Style – Star Ahead on Taste” campaign in the 1990s. To the recent campaigns of “Never a Dull Moment with Star” to “Share the Brighter Life” and currently “Star Connects” – It is clear that the advertising history of STAR has been consistent in creating the image of BRIGHTNESS, FUN, SOCIABILITY, and BEST for the brand.

On the whole, in the areas of advertising and marketing, STAR has created value in the lives of so many people – the Consumers, the Advertising Agency, the Support Service Providers, the Music/Entertainment industry, the Media, Promotional Item Producers – the list is endless.

STAR Activities :

STAR CONNECTS, which shows that it is a catalyst for social interactions, celebration and fun as music is central to all of these. Undoubtedly, STAR and Music go great together; no wonder the brand has made tremendous contributions to the music industry; positively changing and affecting the lives of many Nigerian musical artistes; discovering new talents; and elevating many unknown musicians to fame and fortune through the brand activities – STAR Mega Jam, STAR Quest, STAR Trek and community festivals.

In the era of high unemployment in the country, millions of Nigerians and thousands of businesses today earn their living from STAR – Distributors, Transporters, Hoteliers, Restaurants, Beer parlours, etc. These in turn support thousands of families in Nigeria.

STAR is not just the pride of the nation; STAR is the brand constantly touching lives with Brightness.

STAR – Our own since 1949.

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